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Human development is an interdisciplinary academic field, and those who study this subject at the graduate level will often engage in critical dialogues outside the discipline. Students must consider the various changes that occur throughout a person’s life, as well as the cultural and historical factors that may impact human development. Therefore, theory and methodology from biology, anthropology, and psychology are integrated into the curriculum in order to illustrate the fundamental forces affecting human development. Advanced students who enroll in human development graduate programs will learn how to identify and evaluate the sociocultural, psychological and biological factors that contribute to human development. Additionally, graduate students will be immersed in theories and timely issues under discussion in the field. Their job is to challenge assumptions and stances made by their colleagues and well-known theorists as they develop their own understandings. .

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Most master’s programs involve completion of roughly 36 credit hours and take students about two years to complete. However, the duration of a program varies considerably based on students’ obligations outside of school. Another variable is whether or not a department considers the master’s a terminal degree. If not, the student’s completion of course material covered in his or her master’s programs might simply fulfill the initial steps of the doctorate degree. These students can expect to remain in the department for six years or more. Both online and offline programs require the completion of core curricula, electives and a final project (such as an internship). Interested students might .

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