How To Maintain Your Mental Health

Online courses in mental health may be part of bachelor's degree, master's degree or post-master's certificate programs in psychology, sociology or educational psychology. Graduates of online mental health degree and certificate programs often work in hospitals, residential treatment facilities, schools or mental health offices. Professions related to mental health, like counseling and psychology, may have licensure requirements. Online courses can help students meet some of these requirements, but in-person clinical experience is a critical component of the licensure process. Many accredited universities and online colleges offer robust degree and certificate programs in mental health with electives in addition to required courses. The courses include general ideas such as sociology and diagnoses, as well as specific issues such as mental health issues in the classroom and crisis intervention. .

Course Materials

Sociology of Mental Health Course: This class explores major sociological theories and research that inform social conceptions of mental health and illness. Students investigate processes of defining mental health and examine how social definitions negotiate health and illness experiences for patients, providers and communities. Historical perceptions of mental health form an essential course component, with an emphasis on how these perceptions influence mental illness treatment protocols. Mental Health of Children and Young Adults Course: Lessons cover how to intervene when children and young adults demonstrate symptoms of mental health conditions. Students in this class explore how educati .

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